Canada Chapters

#Region/ChapterAdmin WhatsApp # or Link (if Any)Leads
1​FAST Alumni – Canada+1-647-654-0654FANAC Board Members
2GTA FASTians (Greater Toronto Area)+1-647-654-0654
​Rafaeel Chaudhry
Shiraz Malik
3​​FAST Alumni – Vancouver​+1-604-671-5551​Adnan Rana​
4FAST Alumni – Alberta​​+1-587-896-0720​Rai Yawar Ijaz
5FAST Alumni KWC (Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge)​+1-647-461-2476
Rida Akbar Malhi
Usman Rizwan
6FAST Alumni Hamilton-Niagara+1-306-216-1013
Hassan Waqar Ahmad
Adeel Akbar
7FAST Alumni Montreal+1-514-803-8770
Zara Javed
Ahmad Iqbal
8FAST Alumni Ottawa+1-647-654-0654Rafaeel Chaudhry
9FAST Alumni Saskatchewan+1-647-654-0654Rafaeel Chaudhry
10FAST Alumni Atlantic Canada (NB, PEI, NS, NL)+1-647-654-0654Rafaeel Chaudhry
11FAST Alumni Canada – Women’s Forum+1-416-435-8461
Shireen Islam
Maliha Khan

FAST Alumni – Canada is moderated by FANAC Board Members. The rest of the groups are not moderated and are managed by the chapter leads.

For US Chapters, please visit–local-chapters.html

​​FANAC – Guide To Creating Local Chapters

  • Why go local – Define goals and objectives
    • Platform for networking
    • Connect to Learn
      • Strengthen your skills as you share experiences, challenges and successes with professional contacts, mentors and friends
      • Develop relationships with professionals for learning about job opportunities and obtaining referrals in your community
      • Increase your local professional contacts
      • Share job postings to help ppl apply for jobs in your area
    • Promote chapter growth
      • Expand FANAC’s network, make connections
      • Link new members to FANAC’s social media
    • Mentor new members
    • Contribute towards FANAC’s annual goals
  • What you need to get started
    • Set goals and objectives for your local chapter and present to the FANAC Board
    • Identify chapter lead and co-chair
    • Propose 90-day plan of events
  • Introductory meet up to share local chapter’s charter
    • Formal and informal meet ups to create awareness
    • Mentoring events
    • Identify members to line up for webinars/fireside chat events
    • Promote fundraisers