Canada Chapters

1​FAST Alumni – CanadaFANAC Board Members
2GTA FASTians (Greater Toronto Area)​Rafaeel Chaudhry
Shiraz Malik
Farhan Huda
3​​FAST Alumni – Vancouver​Adnan Rana​
Mirza Muhammad Raza
4FAST Alumni – Alberta​​Rai Yawar Ijaz
5FAST Alumni KWC (Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge)​Rida Akbar Malhi
6FAST Alumni Hamilton-NiagaraHassan Waqar Ahmad
Adeel Akbar
7FAST Alumni MontrealZara Javed
Ahmad Iqbal
8FAST Alumni OttawaMuhammad Usama
9FAST Alumni SaskatchewanRafaeel Chaudhry
10FAST Alumni Atlantic Canada (NB, PEI, NS, NL)Faisal Abbas
Rafaeel Chaudhry
11FAST Alumni Greater LondonAzka Khan
Usman Qayyum
12FAST Alumni Winnipeg MetroRafaeel Chaudhry
11FAST Alumni Canada – Women’s ForumShireen Islam
Maliha Khan
Azka Khan

FAST Alumni – Canada is moderated by FANAC Board Members. The rest of the groups are not moderated and are managed by the chapter leads.

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​​FANAC – Guide To Creating Local Chapters

  • Why go local – Define goals and objectives
    • Platform for networking
    • Connect to Learn
      • Strengthen your skills as you share experiences, challenges and successes with professional contacts, mentors and friends
      • Develop relationships with professionals for learning about job opportunities and obtaining referrals in your community
      • Increase your local professional contacts
      • Share job postings to help ppl apply for jobs in your area
    • Promote chapter growth
      • Expand FANAC’s network, make connections
      • Link new members to FANAC’s social media
    • Mentor new members
    • Contribute towards FANAC’s annual goals
  • What you need to get started
    • Set goals and objectives for your local chapter and present to the FANAC Board
    • Identify chapter lead and co-chair
    • Propose 90-day plan of events
  • Introductory meet up to share local chapter’s charter
    • Formal and informal meet ups to create awareness
    • Mentoring events
    • Identify members to line up for webinars/fireside chat events
    • Promote fundraisers